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Also, a gold purse throughout the Lachyn Art gallery of the past was sold on an excellent Sotheby’s market during the London for $80,000

Also, a gold purse throughout the Lachyn Art gallery of the past was sold on an excellent Sotheby's market during the London for $80,000

Armenia have conducted “archaeological excavations” about “Azykh” cave in the fresh Khojavand area since 2003 plus in the bedroom nearby the town of Aghdam due to the fact

Other than their wealth of architectural and you can archaeological monuments as well as spectacularly stunning characteristics, Karabakh has been where you can find of numerous strengths, also specifically Vagif, Natavan, Nawab, Hajybayov and you may Bulbul, whose history, for their high share not just to the fresh new Azerbaijani but also on the world's cultural heritage, might have been accepted during the global height.

The policy off meaningful exhaustion on the heritage following the job has been and you will remains an irreparable strike one another in order to Azerbaijani community and you can world culture.

Because possess obviously started displayed about intentional change of the social appearance of Shusha or any other metropolitan areas and you can settlements away from Karabakh, by the destroying this new monuments, changing structural provides and you can to make “archaeological” excavations, Armenia pursued much-getting needs of removing any signs heralding its Azerbaijani root

For this reason, immediately following military procedures in early 1990's architectural monuments within the Shusha city, like the Yukhary and Ashaghy Govharagha mosques employing madrasahs, the newest mausoleum of Vagif, and home away from Natavan and you may caravanserais, was basically forgotten, burned and you can plundered.