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Ann Arbor+MI+Michigan review

You will find exactly the same setup explained significantly more than (Firefox 38

You will find exactly the same setup explained significantly more than (Firefox 38

0.5, Greasemonkey 3.dos, and you can FetLife ASL Browse 0.cuatro.4). I uninstalled everything, reinstalled that which you, nevertheless can't duplicate this matter.

Nope, that is actually exactly what's likely to get in their Greasemonkey folder. (The installation appears to be great. If you want to be twice as sure the installation are okay, read the ethics ones several documents by using the SHA-step one digest. You will have the next shasum s of documents: jquery-dos.1.cuatro.min are 43dc554608df885a59ddeece1598c6ace434d747 and you will fetlife-age-sex-location-research.user.js would be 68e0147182de0cfcf50eb9ff2079b2dbf05ece84 .)

  • Your own computer's systems. (Windows, Mac computer, Linux, the new adaptation, brand new design, etcetera.)
  • A listing of most other userscripts installed on your own Greasemonkey, if any.
  • A listing of almost every other add-ons installed on the Firefox, or no.
  • The brand new arrangement of your Firefox's coverage (SSL/TLS) and you can circle choice.
  • A list of another app on the program you learn otherwise faith to be getting together with your web gonna subscribers (anti-trojan readers, firewalls, etc)
  • Additional information regarding the network and you can geographic venue; really does the trouble takes place to your a house Net connection, a business Internet connection, one another?